Inspiration Boards

Vows Inspiration BoardThumbs up for inspiration boards!  They help you hone your style and more importantly, they help you communicate this vision with your vendors.  I often work with clients from out of town that can rarely visit in person, so visuals are key to getting that look “just so”  on the day. 

 Easy steps for making your board:

  • Collect your favorite magazines that inspire you in your life in general (I like InStyle, Vanity Fair, Grace Ormonde, O Magazine)
  • Cut out anything and everything that you’re drawn to…color, shape, texture, etc.
  • Paste them onto an 8.5 x 11 page that can be easily scanned and emailed to your planner and other vendors

This is my board for the Vows new look and feel…stay tuned for the website launch!  I’m excited to show everyone my more edgy, 2009 style!


2 thoughts on “Inspiration Boards

    • Thanks, Shannon! To find the link from my site, just click on one of the main titles on the opening page then look to the left side for more options…it’s third down under “testimonials”. The updated website will have the link on the home page.

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